About me

We believe in bringing you only the best that CBD has to offer, the highest quality plant extract, the most premium blends and products that fit into your daily routine with ease. In a sea of CBD confusion, our mission is to demystify what it does, how it works and where you'll find The Gold Standard formula. Clue: you've come to the right place.

Balance for Your Mind,

Body & Soul

'The Gold Standard in CBD' mean? Put simply, it all comes down to our formula; namely, how we extract the CBD to offer the best supplement. Unlike other popular extraction methods that use CO2 and ethanol, we harness a non-hazardous extraction process using a blend of high pressure and low temperature to give you a uniquely chemical-free product.

We're also backed by a team of doctors and scientists, guaranteeing every oil, capsule, balm or cream we create gets the stamp of approval from medical professionals.